Maker of waterproof and corrosion proof marine audio systems and outdoor speakers. Watertight Stereo Receivers Audio speakers for marine, outdoor, deck, pool, patio, and boating applications. Waterproof and corrosion proof speakers to stand up to the harsh elements outdoors.

The Poly-Planar MRD 60 stereo system is the first sound system specifically designed for the Marine Industry. It is the most versatile, feature-rich system in marine market. The front panel of the stereo is waterproof and does not require an additional cover when mounting the system above deck. The front panel folds down for easy CD loading, and then, when closed, a silicon rubber gasket keeps t he unit tightly sealed. A bright electro-luminescent LCD display is easily visible both at night and in direct sunlight.

The system has an integrated 4 channel amplifier that produces up to 45 watts per channel for a total system power of 180 watts. The amplifier has a distortion limiting feature that illuminates clipping at maximum gain and provides high quality sound even at full volume. A unique Audio Port allows the addition of features such as hard wired remote controls with intercom, pre amp outputs for amplifiers (variable and fixed) plus auxiliary inputs for such sound sources as a VHF radio or a TV set. The system may be controlled from the front panel, or by using an optional full function wireless remote that is waterproof and floats. The stereo system contains an integrated CD Changer Controller so the optional MRD6 CD Changer may be added at any time.