Glomex offers the best in marine antennas. And also it’s the only manufacturer on the industry today offering you Lifetime Warranty.Where we manufacture our antennas in Italy there’s a large culture on radio transmissions as Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio just 20 miles far from the Glomex plants. We utilize this rich heritage and add the passion, like the other branches of the industry do in our vicinity, to make the best food, or the most appreciated performance cars in the world.

Concentrating on the true needs of today’s boater and developing a partnership like relationship with boat builders, Glomex is setting the standards for your most challenging communication and recreational requirements. Only superior components are used in our antennas. We begin with the finest quality coax wire.We require the most rugged connectors, so we make most of them ourselves and encapsulate these vital internal workings in housings that will withstand the rigors of the sea and sun. Romantics at heart, we have added drammatic style to each antenna so that it complements the final environment in which it will be used.

Style and performance that exceeds expectations, that is Glomex standard. We not only build to meet the current desires of a demanding industry but now are creating resourceful products in anticipation of their market necessity. This unique situation assures total quality control from the storing of raw materials, meticulous demands of fabrication, to the careful packing and shipping of the antennas and parts. Using our own molds and tooling, specially conceived to operate plastic or metallic components, Glomex engineers ensure the overall reliability of our products.

Planning, product engineering, research and testing are carried out by Glomex to develop the products for different applications: from marine use to military applications. All of our antennas and accessories must meet strict international standards. The professionals at Glomex realize that choosing the wrong antenna or using a poor quality coax cable could diminish the overall performance of your entire transceiver system.When your customer’s loyalty is at stake there is no room to compromise. For added assurance we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our antennas and accessories. You won’t find a better offer anywhere on the planet!! Innovative products, superior materials, excellent craftsmanship. It all adds up to Glomex reliability.